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Ever since the 17th century, vendôme has boasted a unique garden heritage which has won it “4 flowers” in the national competition for urban floral displays and the top prize in the “Grand Prix National du Fleurissement” competition for ten years in succession.

In the Ronsard Park and the gardens around the castle, there are countless trees, some of them more than two hundred years old and all of them of great botanic interest.

The plane tree planted on the banks of the Loir in 1759 and the Lebanese cedar which has stood in the castle grounds since 1807 are the best-known of all the trees.

The Council’s parks and environment department has long been skilled in the art of “mosaic planting”. The floral frescoes are renewed each season; they can be seen near Square Belot, on the banks of the Loir and in the gardens round the library. There are also several plant collections (sages and highly-scented plants in the cloister garth in Holy Trinity Church).

Fans can enjoy an outdoor botany lesson in some of the public gardens in Vendôme.

In Vendôme surroundings, one site stands out for its beauty: le Jardin de Plessis-Sanières (Remarkable Garden accredited by the Ministry of Culture).

Away from this site, some gardens almost seem to want to be forgotten. However they must be discovered, such is the charm of their discretion.

Gardens Loir Valley