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Local specialities

If you enjoy food, you'll love this area! The history of Vendôme and the surrounding area is really something to get your teeth into!

Petit Vendôme” and “Petit Trôo”, manufactured traditionally, are worthy successors to cheeses matured under ashes all along the right bank of the Loir. They are sold fresh, becoming deliciously creamy and developing an appetizing aroma. “Cow” or “goat”: there is something to suit all tastes in the local markets, from a few days to several weeks old. They go well with coteaux du Vendômois AOC wines.

To follow, with sweetmeats, there is an mabarrassment of riches. The Rodolphe patisserie and chocolate-maker’s, an old Vendôme establishment at the foot of the tower of Saint-Martin, specialises in “Sainte Larme “ (chocolate coated with royal icing)(created by J.P. Bouard), Rochambeau gateau (cookies with chocolate ganache), Carré Ronsard (nougatine and praline), Croquignolles (almond and meringue) mentioned in “La vieille fille” by Balzac and sweetmeats that his “Louis Lambert” bought during walks and smuggled back into the college….


Still in Vendôme, in Rue du Change, there is a Spanish grocery that radiates sunshine from its little shop front, straight out of a naïve painting. Unique of its kind, Maison bernat, founded just a century ago by the grandfather of the present grocer, offers fruit, wine, cheese and sweet products from the Iberian peninsula under the sign “Aux Produits d’Espagne”. One way of reminding us that king Juan Carlos is a descendant of the dukes of Vendôme…..