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Tourist routes

To discover Vendôme…

By feet, follow the golden symbols…

Let enchant you by the charms of the town and its monuments and discover it on one of our two circuits (expect about 1.5 hrs. per walk).

To support you the free brochure "Listen to the story of Vendôme" will be given to you at the tourist office of Vendôme.


…Trips with the family

Every child between 6 and 12 may solve riddles during the walk on one of the two circuits with a mysterious booklet which is available at the tourist office. After the visit they will be given a little surprise.


To discover the Vendômois...

By car, suggestions for discovery trips…

"The subterranean dwellings in the Loir-Valley“ (80 km)

From Villiers-sur-Loir to Trôo with ist whispering well, passing Roches- l’Evêque; a walk through the mysterious and unique world of caves.

The hill Saint-André in Villiers-sur-Loir, Subterranean village in the hill "Saint-André" and "Subterranean mushroom farm"

troglodytes en vallée du loir


"Frescoes and wall-paintings in the Loir-Valley" (80 km)

Eglises à fresques

The churches and chapels are rich of frescoes and wall-paintings.

 route des églises


"In the country of Roussard" (40 km)


This path leads to the traces of the Roussard-sandstone, a stone of brown colour, which replaced the cuboids.

Marked path of Mondoubleau.

Brochure available in the tourist office of Vendôme (in French)


Le perche vendômois


"In the middle of the Vendôme Perche" (60 km)


A path to explore the Perche and its natural, historical and architectural diversity.







"On the Pilgrims‘ traces"

Saint Jacques de Compostelle

chemin de compostelle

Way of St. James over Tours: To enable the traveler enjoying the trip through the Vendômois, the tourist office offers useful information (Plans, addresses…)


St. Martin- Way: The guide about the way of the bishop of Tours is avilable in the tourist office of Vendôme for a charge of 15 € ( even so a guide about the summerway of St. Martin and the way over Trier, offered by the County Council of the department Indre-et-Loire)