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Guided tours

Guided sightseeing tours

Listen to the story of Vendôme, a town of artistic and historic interest, told by a guide accredited by the French Ministry of Culture.

The guide who welcomes you knows every nook and cranny of Vendôme and he or she will give you the keys that unlock the town’s history and highlight its development as you pass from one district to another. From June to October, you can enjoy over regularly scheduled visits. Tickets are on sale in the Tourist Office 47 and 49 rue Poterie Tel: +33 0(2) 54 77 05 07

Please note that the language used for our tours is French. If you wish to have a tour in a different language (English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch), please contact our reservation service at + 33 0(2) 54 77 05 07

If you are visiting with a group, Vendôme offers tours all year with advanced booking.


For information, contact the Tourist Office: + 33 0(2) 54 77 05 07


Sightseeing on your own

If you prefer to go as you please, there are information panels on site at the places of interest. The route is marked out by gilded nails.