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The wines of our region

From Villiers-sur-Loir (7 km far from Vendôme) to Chateau-du-Loir, the south-facing vineyards produce the best from their grape varieties.

Coteaux du Vendômois, Coteaux du Loir et Jasnières reveal remarkable talents, in a palette ranging from white to red via « gris » (grey) and rosé.

The reds, produced from the pineau d’Aunis grape, are light but full of character, with spicy notes. They can be drunk either cold or at room temperature.

The whites, produced either from the chenin blanc grape or pineau de la Loire, develop an exceptional aroma from the time of harvesting, often becoming fine wines for keeping. The latter can be recognized by their taste of flintstone, also known as “gun-flint”, acquired in the unique soil of the region.

Proudly reminiscent of the Touraine on the banks of the Loir, the three appellation areas are a delight to both the mind and the taste buds of connoisseurs, who regularly find exceptional qualities here.

Nearly a century ago, the famous gastronome Curnonsky described Jasnières as “the best wine in the world, three times a century”.

Around Montoire-sur-le-Loir, white wine from Surin (a very old hamlet) was referred to in the court of Henry IV.

Today, Loir wines are the last heritage of a winegrowing tradition in Vendôme region, which has left charming little vineyard huts from the 19th century on the slopes (they were used to shelter winegrowers, their tools and horses, until the days of motorization) and hollowed superb caves in tufa rock: thes “secret caverns” evoked by Ronsard himself. In 1550 the poet lauded the “main beau cep dont le vin porte bien peu d’envie au vignoble angevin” (very fine stock, whose wine has little reason to envy Anjou). His family had its vineyards near Montoire, not far from the manor house of Couture, in a location whose potion was to delight the “vert-Galant” himself, a little later.